Jerrod Maruyama at the WonderGround Gallery Contest Time!

You know all of that ‘Jerrod Maruyama at the WonderGround Gallery’ stuff I posted? Well, now you can own a piece of the collection. Since the WonderGround Gallery has no online store, the only way to have any of the cool stuff they make is to head down to Anaheim and go to their Downtown Disney location.

Or so you thought!

'Java Break' Journal

Jerrod Maruyama was kind enough to offer up a journal with his ‘Java Break’ design to a lucky contest winner. The journal is full of college ruled blank pages, plenty of room to jot down that shrimp casserole recipe of yours or your secret plans for world domination.

(ED NOTE: Evil Tender Dot Com does not condone world domination.)

Signed 'Java Break'

Oh, and it’s signed by the artist. What?! Yes, indeed it is. Pretty darn cool.

So now it’s contest time! I only have one to give away so here are the rules —

Send a message to the Evil Tender Dot Com Facebook page with your very own sketch of Mickey Mouse and one will be picked to win this unique piece of Disney.

‘Draw my very own Mickey Mouse? But how?’ you may ask .

Well. How about on a Post-It. On the back of receipt. In the dirt on the back of your car window. In the steam on your shower door. Anywhere!

Just draw it, take a picture of it, and send it on over! In a message? Sure! On the Facebook timeline? Why not! Email? That’s what it’s there for!

Mickey Mouse on a Post-It. See? Easy Peasy!

Mickey Mouse on a Post-It. See? Easy Peasy!

Here’s a quick example.

See, nothing to it! Even a bonehead like me can sketch a lil’ Mickey Mouse!

Here’s a quick Jerrod Maruyama at the WonderGround Gallery Contest! recap —

1. Draw Mickey Mouse.

2. Send above mentioned drawing of Mickey Mouse to the Evil Tender Dot Com’s Facebook page.

3. Drawings will end up on the Facebook page, and one lovely artiste will be chosen to win the signed ‘Java Break’ journal.

Easy Peasy!

Winner will be announced March 1st 2013! Contest open to anyone in the entire world!*

*Winner must be somewhere that accepts mail. It’s the only rule I got!

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