New WonderGround Gallery Exhibit – ‘Good vs Evil’

The WonderGround Gallery in Downtown Disney is built on a great concept. It uses artists outside of the Disney universe to interpret the creations that exist inside Disney universe.


On Saturday December 15th the gallery reveals their new show, Good vs Evil.’ The artists were asked to take the theme of good versus evil and find examples of it in the world of Disney. That can’t be to difficult of a task.

The artists involved in the exhibit will be signing at the gallery on Saturday December 15th. Here’s a rundown of the who and when —

9:00 am to 11:00 am – J. Scott Campbell, Miss Mindy, Nei, Noah, Mike Stilkey, Sean Chao and Kristin Tercek

1:00 pm to 3:00pm – Stephanie Buscema, Martin Hsu, Jacki Huang, Jerrod Maruyama, Ming Ong and Michelle Romo

Jerrod Maruyama

‘Java Break’ – Jerrod Maruyama

Beyond the ‘Good vs Evil’ show at WonderGround, this time of year is just a great time to visit Disneyland. You have the holiday season in full effect, the Candlelight events, the re-opening of Indiana Jones, and hopefully enough time has passed since Cars Land opened that the line for those rides are light.

'Pinocchio' - Jerrod Maruyama

‘Pinocchio’ – Jerrod Maruyama

I’ll be at the WonderGround Gallery on December 15th at 3PM to meet with artist Jerrod Maruyama who has a few pieces in the show. We’ll do a little interview about his pieces, the show, and to geek about Disney in general. Hopefully I’ll get to meet a few other artists there as well.

Sometimes I have to stop and realize that this is what life is about — knowing what you enjoy and following it, seeking it, and indulging it. Next weekend I’m coming for you, Disneyland. Gonna indulge. Gonna gorge on the cuteness and joy.

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