111 Minna Gallery and the work of Robert Bowen

By Chris Jalufka | 09.07.2012


My weekday evenings tend to consist of me being home, or doing things that are contained within a very tight radius of my home. Call it post-work recreational laziness. A few Tuesdays ago I broke my habit and went to the 111 Minna Gallery in San Francisco to check out Sketch Tuesdays that I heard about from artist Ben Walker.

Here’s the breakdown of Sketch Tuesdays: The gallery is open. The bar is serving. A DJ is DJing. At the center of the gallery, a long table. At the table local artists that have been invited by the gallery are set up. Some paint, most draw. Now, the table is full. Over twenty people full.

Seated around the gallery were other artists, sketching away. Drinking. Chatting.


Sketch Tuesdays at 111 Minna Gallery. Photo taken from their website.


What happens next is the interesting part. As these guest artists finish their sketches, they tack them up on a wall with a price tag. $10. $20. I didn’t see anything over $30. Some of these artists sell work for hundreds and thousands of dollars, and you’re getting an original piece created right there for the cash in your pocket.

A great way to be exposed to new artists, and for artists to get their work in the hands of potential collectors.

One of the artists I saw sketch was Robert Bowen, a San Francisco artist who’s work was also showing in the gallery’s Lethal Injection show (on display until September 15th). His work is full of pop culture washed in foreboding yet jovial surrealism.

A Chesire Cat-like sneer rests behind the images.


Jesus Criss by Robert Bowen


Keeper of the Flame by Robert Bowen


Lucky Strike by Robert Bowen


Lucky Strike #2 by Robert Bowen


Lucky Strike #4 by Robert Bowen


Lucky Strike #5 Turtle Power by Robert Bowen


Lucky Strike #6 Turbulence by Robert Bowen


by Robert Bowen


A Moment of Clarity by Robert Bowen


Cephalapod Helper by Robert Bowen


Nerd Medusa by Robert Bowen


Rainbow in the Dark by Robert Bowen


The Guardians of Happiness by Robert Bowen


To check out more of Robert Bowen’s work visit his site.

More information on 111 Minna Gallery and Sketch Tuesdays can be found on the gallery’s website.



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