“Hey Diddle Diddle” by Jerrod Maruyama

This has been posted on other sites and I hate to regurgitate the news from across the interwebs, but in this particular case the artist in question is a friend of mine – Jerrod Maruyama.

"Hey Diddle Diddle" by Jerrod Maruyama

16×20 prints went on sale yesterday of Jerrod’s interpretation of “Hey Diddle Diddle” over at Acid Free. It’s a limited edition print, a short run of 40. One of these bad (super cute!) boys will cost you forty bucks. I got mine on the way.

I vow to not become a hawker of internet wares, but with friends this talented I feel compelled to splatter their work across the network as much as possible. Plus, my wife is in love with his work and has already proclaimed that the bedroom of our non-existent child will only have the work of Jerrod Maruyama as decoration.

So there you go.

SIDENOTE: In my clutches I actually have some drafts of an eviltender.com logo drawn up by the delightfully talented Mr. Maruyama. I’ll be posting that soon enough. If you catch me at Comic-Con this July in San Diego I’ll be passing out (free!) stickers and buttons with his logo. I’ll also have a few t-shirts to give away to those with warm and charming smiles. Or with a willingness to trade me a beer for shirt. Either one.

More of Jerrod’s work can be found at – http://www.flickr.com/photos/jmaruyama


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