Comic-Con 2012 tickets are sold out again? How about a third chance?

How 'bout a third chance?

A few weeks back was the big day to purchase badges for Comic-Con 2012 held down in San Diego. The thing sold out in over an hour. Sure, there was a faulty link that tripped people up and yeah, you had to create a member ID to hold back scalpers – but the onslaught couldn’t be held back. I got in the virtual line, starting as #39,102 and watched as the four day passes sold out. At #29,670 Friday sold out. Then Saturday. Then Sunday.

I’d planned, of course, to attend Comic-Con for the past year. I have a room ready for me, but before lunch the chance of going was shot. Damn.

A second round of badges went on sale this morning at 8AM to make up for the errors and fumbles made during the first round of badge sales. Sounds great, right? Sure.

By 8:07AM I was #2,777 in line and by 8:15AM Saturday badges were sold out and by 8:21AM it was completely sold out.

Still. I plan on going. I’m getting on a plane to San Diego, walking to the doors of the convention, and beyond that I have no plan. But I will be there. Waiting for something to happen. A mystery third chance sale of badges. For someone to say, “Hey. Come on in. We’ve been waiting for you.”

Or maybe I’ll just walk right in, bold-like.

like Frodo walking the one ring through the gates of Mordor.

See you in San Diego.


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