My Vacation is Someone’s Workplace



Some jobs offer an amazing workplace. Inspired tasks and goals. Engaged minds. Sunshine-filled buildings full of life. Cafeteria full of a healthy array of food options. Most don’t.


Thank you ‘Joe Versus The Volcano’ for showing us the plight and demise of the office drone. Oh, and thank you millions of other books, movies, and television shows for depicting office life as a tortuous swath of boredom induced misery.


On a recent trip to Maui we took an afternoon snorkeling trip. Saw some fish, swam with a turtle, drank some island drinks. The crew member leading the dive was from somewhere like Arizona or Wyoming. A desert or a plain. I can’t remember. Just a place. A point on the map. He mentioned that he just up and moved to Maui, the only goal was to live an island life. Laid back, sun and water — good times all of the time.

I had gone to Maui on a business trip with wife. Didn’t do much of anything while she sat in meetings all day. These crew members were stuck at work too, but their work place is a bit more exciting, a touch more inspiring than your average office building. I’m too practical to up and move to an island to do manual labor on a boat, but it can be a romantic thought until the reality hits that you wouldn’t make much money and be able to retire. At some point your body would break down and the constant beating sun would torture your skin.

One of the guests on the boat shot questions at the captain about job openings. She wanted to move to Maui and work on the boat. He told her, ‘I always tell people this — call me when you move here. We’ll talk then.’ That opening line, ‘I always tell people this.’ This happens all the time. People fall in love with the islands. They want the sun and the water to be their everyday life. On vacation, all they think about his how to stay. How to work in the environment they saved to visit for a week. Two weeks. They want it forever. I can see the attraction. How can a vague suburban landscape compete with volcanoes, waves, and brilliant sunshine? I don’t believe anyone has ever been inspired by the hum of florescent bulbs and office parks.

Do they hire admins for the beach? I might have to look into that.


Sailing the Hawaiian islands

Sailing the Hawaiian islands



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