‘Youth in the City: Various Small Fictions’



The goal has always been to not just write a book, but to give it a physical form.

As a writer, I’ve followed the usual route of submitting stories to publishers, sending query letters. These are the things that they will tell you are how you become a professional. Since none of it worked, that means I am not a professional, and I accept my amateur status.

As a strong proponent of ‘do it yourself‘ culture that’s exactly what I did. I read through my writings from over the years and collected the pieces that fit together, thematically linked. Edited and did my best to format the book for digital and physical release.

The book is short. Depending on the format, between 63 and 104 pages. Quick reading. Grab a beer and a local pub. A pocket book. These are faithless tales, coming of age scribbles. I had moved to San Francisco and hoped it would change me, give me something — but in the end I spent my time there writing these stories. Rewriting these was always on the ‘to do’ list, but I knew it was a task that I could do for years, continually nudging words, perfecting something that was never meant to be perfect.

My collection of vignettes, ‘Youth in the City: Various Small Fictions,’ is now in the Amazon Kindle Bookstore. Soon enough the print edition will be available as well, but first things first.

A brief excerpt —

“Jesus was a horrific villain. To corral and gather a crowded mass, this is the true body of evil. The only real good is in solitude, separate mannerisms.

We, mankind, are the ones that named a group of planets a universe, but earth is unto itself. Free and floating, no God above and not God below, but God within. Each of us, our own personal Lord and Savior.”

Available now in the Amazon Kindle Bookstore for $2.99


'Youth in the City: Various Small Fictions' by Chris Jalufka

‘Youth in the City: Various Small Fictions’ by Chris Jalufka



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