Haunted Gore from Dave Correia & ZeroFriends

Maybe it’s the season, but I’m in the mood for monsters. Haunted mansions. Fogged country drives. I was perusing the (damn incredible) ZeroFriends online store and found this set of Dave Correia prints that basically nail the mood I am in.

Dave Correia is a San Francisco based artist by way of New Orleans and his work feels like a haunted daydream — giddy, washed with pleasant danger.

‘The Deranged’ by Dave Correia

‘The Dreamer’ by Dave Correia

‘The Dreamer’ by Dave Correia

‘The Nuisance’ by Dave Correia

‘The Skeptic’ by Dave Correia

These are 17″ x 17″ giclee prints that will fit in 12″ x 12″ frames. Each one is a mere $25. A total steal. Check out the the shop of ZeroFriends for these prints and more from Dave Correia and others, and check out Dave Correia at his site at playwithknives.com



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